The word Limousine comes from Limousine region in France, where the shepherds used a big piece of clothing to protect themselves against the harsh weather. The drivers of the cars would later use a similar piece of cloth for the seats and the roofs of their cars...

During the 1920's in Piraeus, Emmanuel Trifillis came up with the original idea for luxurious transportation, as a family business. The first two cars were Limousine Dodge. What started as a dream became a reality. Later on, others also started their own limousine business. The limousines were used and loved by many famous people, such as General De Gaulle, Onassis, Kallas, King Konstantinos, President Mitterand and many other well nown politicians, artists and businessmen from the USA and Europe. The family tradition was kept by his son, Evangelos Trifillis, using cars such as Limousine Oldsmobile, Chevrolet and since the beginning of the 1990's, Limousine Mercedes.

This long standing tradition goes on today by Emmanuel Trifillis' grandson, Manolis Trifillis. Our aim is to improve our services and be innovative so as to be ahead of the competition, offering the best to our customers. We will continue to provide the best services possible, by honoring our commitment beyond your expectations.


Manolis Trifillis



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